• Joanna Aoran Rein


Something about these decorations that remind me of Morroco. The warm tone colours are spread throughout The Grounds of Alexandria. Can I just say how much I love this theme?

In these photos, I was wearing one of DUMA’s collections. DUMA is an Indonesian-based clothing brand and they have such amazing range of clothes! From all dresses, outer and tops that I have from DUMA, they have one thing in common, elegance.

This dress in particular, can be worn for casual day out for brunch or can be for formal events. What’s interesting about this dress is that the arms’ part are detachable! So you can wear this dress without it if you wish to achieve a simpler look!

I tried providing you guys with the link for this dress, unfortunately it isn’t listed on their website. However, I got this dress from their local pop-up shop at Westfield CBD. Go check out their shop before they’re gone!


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