• Joanna Aoran Rein


Hi guys! Hope you all have been well and safe!

It has been awhile since I wrote anything and I thought I'd would start again!

Ever since COVID-19, taking photos in public places or anywhere really has become a challenge. I have completely reduced my outgoings and only to go to places for necessity.

Hencewhy, I created my very own little corner in my house so I can take photos whenever I want to! wooooo! In these photos, I am wearing Amelius The Label jumpsuit and I have to say is one of fav jumpsuits I own. Simplicity is something I have always adored and when I wore this jumpsuit, I could definitely wear this to brunch, lunch dates, weddings and more!

I paired this jumpsuit with my YSL black platform heels and you can definitely go with a clutch for more formal look.


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