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Poncho & Denim

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Sydney's summer was already over and we're moving in into Autumn. Can I just say how much I love 'in between season' like Autumn and Spring. These 2 seasons are neither cold nor hot. It feels just right! That said, sometimes it can get a little cold too.

Since the cold weather hasn't hit yet, I can still wear my ripped jeans! Casual looks are the best at most times, especially these days I only have 15 mins to get ready cos of Ares. Mom's life is a real deal guys! To keep me warm, I decided to throw a poncho instead of a jacket. This one in particular is from Revolve (brand: Tularosa). The fabric is SO SOFT and theres something vintage about it. It goes so well with any outfit really. Whether you wanna wear a dress or skirt, you pretty much just have to lay over it. =)

REVOLVE Tularosa Poncho


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